How to Keep Zombies Out of the Garden (Sims 3 Supernatural)

Sims 3 How to Keep Zombies Out of Garden

Zombies are one of the most annoying features of The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion (at least in my opinion). And they’re even worse when you have an outdoor garden! They appear under the full moon, harassing your Sims and eating your fresh produce.

So, how do you keep zombies out of the garden? The best way is to place a fence around your plants and lock it, keeping zombies from entering. You can also use a Pea Shooter to fend them off, cure them, cheat, or disable them completely.

Fencing Your Garden

The easiest way to keep zombies out of your garden is to simply build a fence around it. Put a gate on the fence and lock it to everyone except your Sim or household. 

Sims 3 Zombie Fence
Build a fence to keep zombies out of your garden. Don’t forget to lock the gate!

If your Sim is low on money, build a fence at nightfall on the night of the full moon. Leave it up while the zombies are there. Then, sell it to get some money back once morning comes. 

Using a Pea Shooter

The Pea Shooter is an exclusive item that came with The Sims 3 Supernatural Limited Edition. If you pre-ordered the Plants vs. Zombies content, you can set this object to attack zombies that appear on your lot, keeping them out of the garden.

Sims 3 Plants vs Zombies Pea Shooter
Sims 3 Promotional Image for the Exclusive Plants vs. Zombies Pea Shooter

This method doesn’t always work perfectly. Zombies can destroy the Pea Shooter and move on to your garden anyway. But, it’s worth placing a few of them down around your lot if you have access to them. 

Curing Zombies

Another option is curing any zombies that appear on your lot. You can do this with the alchemy skill or by having a high-level witch cast a spell. 

At level 2 of the alchemy skill, your Sim can create a cure elixir. At level 7 of the alchemy skill, your Sim can create a potent cure elixir. Click on the potion in your Sim’s inventory and choose “throw at Sim.”

Sims 3 Zombie Cure Elixir
Throw the cure elixir at a zombie on your lot to cure them.
Tip: Sims must “Research Alchemy” on the Alchemy Station to learn the recipe for the cure elixirs. This can take a while. And they also need to procure the correct ingredients to make the elixir.

If your Sim is a witch with at least level 8 spellcasting skill, they can cast the Sunlight Charm on zombies to cure them. Either option will get rid of the zombies on your lot temporarily, but more will appear at the next full moon. 

Cheats to Remove Zombies

When zombies are on your lot, use this cheat to remove them temporarily (for the current full moon). 

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open the cheat console.
  2. Type in “testingcheatsenabled true” without the quotes. Press enter. 
  3. Shift + Click on the mailbox. 
  4. Choose Supernatural Population Control > Remove Supernatural Sims from the World > ZOMBIES!!!

This cures ALL zombies in your world at once. It’s a quick and easy solution if you just want the zombies gone NOW.

Disable The Full Moon

You can actually disable the full moon in the game options by setting a single lunar phase. If you do this, your game will never have a full moon – which means you’ll also never have zombies.

Go to the game options, then go to the “Seasons & Environment Options” tab. Click the button next to “Set to Single Lunar Phase” and choose any phase except full. (Keep in mind your moon phase will not change from this one.)

Sims 3 Disable Full Moon
Disable the Full Moon phase in game options.

If you don’t want to get rid of the full moon completely, you can increase the length of the lunar cycle up to 10 days. This results in the full moon happening less often. It won’t stop zombies, but it will reduce the time you have to deal with them.

Disable Zombies

If you hate zombies as much as I do, consider completely disabling them. I prefer to keep my full moon cycle, but I use mods to prevent zombies from appearing in my world. If they don’t appear, then they can’t eat your plants!

Download and install the NRaas Retuner mod. Click on City Hall and choose:

NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > ByTunableXML > Sims3.Gameplay.Controllers > LunarCycleManager > kChanceToSpawnZombie > 0

NRaas > Retuner > Settings > General > ByTunableXML > Sims3.Gameplay.Controllers > LunarCycleManager > kNumberSimsToBeZombifiedOnFullMoon > 0

Set both options to ZERO. No more zombies will spawn in your world during the full moon. Enjoy your gardens without worrying about zombies eating all your produce!

5 thoughts on “How to Keep Zombies Out of the Garden (Sims 3 Supernatural)”

  1. Zombies are so annoying, I only deal with them when I’m playing a supernatural family, but in other worlds, I always disable them with NRaas as just can’t stand them!

  2. Easily the worst feature of the Sims 3.

    Ugh, and don’t forget about the gross green lighting that happens during a full moon. But you can easily disable it with NRaas Overwatch 😌

  3. Thanks for the information. Normally, I just do not have them spawn in game, but with some of my supernatural worlds, they are a little necessary. I do use nraas mods to control the zombie population, also I use both alchemy and the sunlight spell, along with the moodlet manager, for my non-supernaturals in game.

    Zombies are my least favorite occult in Sims 3, because they are not as fun to play as they were in the Sims 2. I remember before the patch, if you ever saved your game during a full moon, you would get zombies nightly, and multiples spawning on the lot. That was a mess.


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