How to Install Sim Theme Park on Windows 10

Sim Theme Park Windows 10 Guide

Sim Theme Park, also known as Theme Park World in the UK, is a theme park simulator released in 1999. This is an OLD game, but still one of my favorites to this day. I recently started streaming the game and knew I would get questions. So, I made this guide on how to play the game on Windows 10.

Please note: These instructions are for Windows 10. If you have an earlier version of Windows, this method may not work for you. 

Download Link

The game is considered abandonware and can be downloaded in its entirety from this website. You need all three files – the Windows 8-10 compatibility patch, the Sim Theme Park CD Image, and the Theme Park World Patch v2.0. 

Sim Theme Park Files
Download ALL THREE Files

Please Note: This is the UK version of the game, Theme Park World. It works exactly the same as the US version. The only difference is the advisor has a different accent. I have not been able to find a working US version. You can usually buy a disc version really cheap on Ebay, but I’m not sure if it installs the same as the download. 

Install Sim Theme Park

Download and extract the files from the link above, then you’re ready to start installing.

  1. Right click on the “Theme Park World” disc image file. Click on “Mount.”
Mount Theme Park World ISO
Mount the ISO
  1. A new folder will open. Double-click on “autorun.”
Theme Park World Autorun
Autorun the Installer
  1. The installer will appear. Choose your language, click on “Install,” and then choose “Yes” when the window appears asking if you want to allow this app to make changes. 
Sim Theme Park Installer
The installer will probably not launch after you click “Install.”
  1. Sometimes the installer will not launch. If it DOES NOT launch, skip to step five. If it DOES launch for you, skip to step nine. 
  2. If the installer DOES NOT launch, open your Task Manager. Under “Background Processes” you will see “32-Bit Setup Launcher.” Right-click on it and choose “Go to Details.”
Task Manager Sim Theme Park
Sim Theme Park Background Process
  1. The executable will now be highlighted. Right-click on it and choose “Analyze Wait Chain.” A new menu will appear with a setup.exe on top and one or more processes running below it.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the processes BELOW setup.exe. (DO NOT click the checkbox next to the first setup.exe option.) Then choose “End Process.”
Analyze Wait Chain
End extra processes in the wait chain.
  1. The installer will now begin. You will see box in the right bottom corner of your screen asking you to wait. So wait. This may take several minutes.
Please Wait Sim Theme Park Installer
Please Wait.
  1. The setup wizard will now appear. (If it doesn’t, repeat steps 5-7. I’ve had to kill the additional processes multiple times before.) Follow the instructions on the screen to continue installing the game. DO NOT LAUNCH THE GAME AFTER INSTALL!!! 
Sim Theme Park Setup
Sim Theme Park Setup

Patch Sim Theme Park

Now that you have the game installed, you MUST patch it to get it to work in Windows 10. 

  1. Double-click on the “tppatchtwoeuroamer20000324a” application that you downloaded above. This is the Theme Park World v2.0 patch. It will run very quickly and you may see a progress bar for a split second before it disappears. That’s all you need to do with that one. 
  2. For the next patch, copy all the files from the “Sim Theme Park Win 8-10 patch” folder into your game folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bullfrog\ThemeParkWorld. You will be prompted to overwrite files. Say yes. 
Theme Park World Patch
Copy Patch Files to Game Folder
  1. Double-click on the “tp” registration entries file. A box will appear asking you if you’re sure you want to continue. Click “Yes.”
Sim Theme Park Reg
Double-Click the Reg File
  1. Now right-click the icon on your desktop and choose “Run as Administrator.” The game should load up! You’ll probably want to increase the graphics to High once you get in the game, but don’t worry about changing the resolution in-game. It’s already set externally to the highest possible – 1280 x 1024.

I hope this guide helps you get Sim Theme Park (Theme Park World) working on your Windows 10 computer! If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help. There is also a subreddit dedicated solely to this game that can provide help if you need it. 

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13 thoughts on “How to Install Sim Theme Park on Windows 10”

  1. Not technically, but the company who made this game is no longer functioning. It’s effectively “abandoned” so no one is monitoring it for copyright, and there’s no other way to purchase the game. Basically, no one cares if you download a 21 year old game made by a defunct studio. But that’s your decision to make! 🙂

    • Hi Brianna! Maybe. The name of the file isn’t “Registration Entries.” That’s the file type. The name of the file is just “tp” as shown in the picture. It’s included in the “Sim Theme Park Win 8-10 patch” folder that you should have downloaded from the link in the first section. You need to copy it into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Bullfrog\ThemeParkWorld folder. If you don’t, it won’t be there. I hope that helps!

  2. OMG ! I use to play this all the time and there was always on theme park i couldn’t unlock, i think i have the disc floating around somewhere.
    Totally had forgotten about this!

  3. This doesn’t work for me.
    after the intro videos it loads the new player screen, but nothing happens. it freezes. if i run it in safemode (directions found from the original readme, basically drops all graphics options to lowest) it doesn’t freeze but it won’t let me click on anything. i can’t create a new player, or exit.

    Windows compatibility mode and running as admin have done nothing.

    • Restarting did solve this issue, but now a few days later, i’ve changed nothing, and it’s not working again. it gets to the map screen and lags like mad. if i use software rendering it runs great for about 30 seconds then starts locking up for 5-10 seconds every 30 seconds.

      it worked flawlessly for hours just a few days ago. super frustrating.

  4. For the patch I am on step 3 but I don’t see the file you are supposed to double click “tp — registration entries” I tried to follow the steps. If I cannot figure it out should I uninstall and attempt to find another source. Thanks for posting, this was one of my favorite games growing up.

    • Hi Marissa. The name of the file is just “tp.” Registration entries is the type of file. If you don’t have it, you’re either looking in the wrong folder or you missed downloading one of the parts. It comes with the downloads and will be originally located in the folder named “Sim Theme Park Win 8-10 patch.” If you have that folder, you have the file. Make sure to copy it into C:\Program Files (x86)\Bullfrog\ThemeParkWorld. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi! The game runs well but I don’t have any mouse pointer! I’ve check the low.sam, med.sam and high.sam files and the RENDER32 and TEXTURE32 are already at 1… Do you know any other tricks? Thanks!


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