Welcome to Strangetown!

Strangetown Sims 2

Truth-seekers move to Strangetown hoping to discover the secrets the town holds. Do aliens live among us? Do missing Sims mysteriously appear here? In this town nothing is what it seems.

Strangetown is one of the three pre-made neighborhoods shipped with The Sims 2. This ‘hood is connected to the Pleasantview storyline, in which Bella Goth has been abducted by aliens, and then left in Strangetown.

In my Let’s Play series, I play all the families that live in Strangetown throughout several generations. We watch them live, love, fight, struggle, have children, and find joy (or not) until their lives come to an end.

Strangetown Let’s Plays

View my playlists on Youtube to watch how the Strangetown stories unfold:

Strangetown Livestreams

Coming Soon!

Strangetown Family Trees

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